The Master of Science in Hospitality Management program allows current and aspiring tourism and hospitality leaders to gain business insights and provide strategic direction to travel destinations such as hotels, resorts and cruises are increasingly sought after. The program provides professionals with the analytical skills required to fulfill this industry needs. Students gain practical knowledge of the interrelationship between sustainability and economic development of travel destinations and their surrounding communities. Students learn from case studies to gain confidence in building, measuring and managing profitable marketing plans and brand strategies.


1. Prepare for management positions and career advancement in the field of tourism and hospitality

2. Explore the interrelationship between environmental, social and fiscal resilience to ethically support travel destinations and their surrounding communities

3. To provide participants with the needed skills, knowledge and tools to become visionary and creative business leaders in the hospitality and tourism industry

4. To enable participants to build on their strengths and interests, broaden their knowledge of the industry and to promote the growth of education and professional development