MBA Costs

MBA is a comprehensive course that gives overall business lessons. The system is more aggregated than any master’s degree. That’s why MBAs are so expensive. Also, MBA shapes your career in a new direction and gives a head start for professional growth.  As you develop new skills, your salary increases leading to steep growth.

Usually, MBA from a top university or institute costs very high. The average cost for an MBA from Florida is around $55,000 to $160,000. And this is just the cost of tuition fee. The following add to your total cost:

  • Your stay at university
  • Traveling and tours
  • Food
  • Industry training
  • Workshops
  • Business seminars in various fields
  • Other facilities you avail from the campus

However, the return is good enough on the investment due to its excellent placements and job offers.

MBA Costs and Their types

In the present era, there are different types of MBA degrees. They differ only in terms of duration, mode of teaching, and applicant. It depends on the applicant which style suits their needs. The following are the standard MBA programs to choose from:

  • General MBA (consists of a 2-year program)
  • Executive MBA (a 1-year program)
  • Distance or Online MBA 

The general MBA is a two-year program for all graduates and working professionals. Most applicants have 1-2 years of work-ex, and sometimes college graduates are also eligible in some universities. A full-time 2-year program costs around $17,000 to $50,000 for residential students. For non-residential applicants, the fees are a bit more than normal.

The Executive MBA is for working professionals with at least 4-5 years and above work experience. Since it is more of a polishing program, it is a 1-year course. They have a good experience working in different sectors. Hence, they want to grow and manage a higher role in their field. The Executive MBA aims to give such applicants the following:

  • Better career growth
  • New skills
  • Training for highly prolific corporate functions

EMBA (Executive MBA) fees in Florida range from $30,000 to $100,000. It consists of all the costs, including tuition fees, course material, training, and workshops.

Distance learning courses are less expensive than other MBA programs. However, universities provide quality educational services online mode also. The lowest fee is $12000, and the average online MBA program costs around $30000.

Business Schools in Florida

Florida has some of the top universities offering an MBA degree. The state has a vast infrastructure, educational facilities, and learning opportunities for students’ holistic growth. Following are some of the top universities offering MBA programs:

  • Academy of Mid-Florida
  • University of South Florida
  • Florida Central University
  • University of Florida

These universities have international recognition. They’re among the top MBA programs in the world. They offer all kinds of MBA programs for:

  • Fresh graduates
  • People with good work experience
  • Distance learning courses

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Business schools in Florida offer scholarships and financial aid to some students. They offer fee waivers to applicants on various bases. You can apply for such waivers and scholarships through university sites and portals.

To Sum it Up

MBA in Florida can be expensive when you go for a full-time offline course. However, the tuition fee is only a tiny fraction of this cost. The total cost also includes the following:

  • The facilities you avail of living on the campus
  • Travel costs
  • The food you eat

On the other hand, an online course will have the same curriculum. Thus, it provides you with the same skills. The only price you pay is the tuition.

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